Search for a command in Homebrew

Search for a command in Homebrew

Two ways:
brew search forumla

Which is in built however won’t work if you are looking for if it’s not the name of the formula.

This is my script called brew-search

#!/usr/bin/env bash

curl --silent --compressed | grep -P "^$1:|[: ]$1( |$)" | grep -Po '^.+(?=:)'

Which can be called by brew-search command

My script works for xxd.

$ brew search xxd
$ brew-search xxd

One thought on “Search for a command in Homebrew

  1. Nice idea. I wonder why there is no formulae for the proper xxd?

    Anyway, the script fails on mac because there is no -P option for mac’s BSD grep, so installing gnu grep is necessary e.g. via `brew install grep`.

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