Install Borg Backup from Source on Mac OS X

Install Borg Backup from Source on Mac OS X

Due to Borg Issue #913 brew cask install borgbackup is no longer updated with the latest version. However don’t fear I’ve written this guide on installing Borg Backup from Source on Mac OS X.

The easiest way is to save this script, chmod u+x and then ./ in the directory you wish. I have a directory ~/backup-system with notes and scripts. You will need Homebrew.

This script can be used to upgrade Borg. Save this script as, place into the same folder as and chmod u+x

Slightly longer way:
You’ll need to run these commands to install some software that it needs,

Then create a python virtual enviroment, change into it using the activate script and then install borg.

We will need to symlink the our copy of borg into a directory that exists in $PATH so we can run it with just borg otherwise we would need to use source borg-env/bin/activate each time we wanted to run borg.

If you want to upgrade borg the long way run:

However it’s easier to just use the scripts above.


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  1. Now brog homebrew seem updated, current version in homebrew is 1.0.10, it is last stable version.

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