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Setup Borg Backup Server on

There is a great coupon for borg and attic users. Which reduces the price to $0.03/GB/Month but without the same level of support the give normally. To run a command on we need to use ssh -t as we are not given an interactive session. We can put the commands we want to run at the end of the ssh command. Run ssh -t borg-server pwd so we can find what full path looks like. It should look something…

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Setup Borg Backup Server on Mac OS X

See my other post on setting up the client side See my other post on how to update casks in Homebrew. Due to Borg Issue #913 brew cask install borgbackup is no longer updated with the latest version. However don’t fear I’ve written a guide on installing Borg Backup from Source on Mac OS X. Create a new user borg using System Preferences mkdir ~/.ssh; Make a backup directory: eg. cd /Volumes/Backups/ mkdir borg sudo chown borg borg sudo chmod…

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